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Eco-friendly Exterior Lighting System

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego is the premier choice for energy-efficient outdoor and landscape lighting in Chula Vista, Coronado, and South San Diego surrounding areas. Our expert lighting services will add style and enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior better than any other outdoor lighting company. Our professionally trained lighting contractors will work with you and take your style, budget, and home’s architecture into consideration to create a custom lighting plan that expertly highlights areas of your home.

What Outdoor Light Fixtures Should You Choose?

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When choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, it’s important to select light fixtures that can withstand the harshest outdoor and weather conditions of San Diego. Our outdoor lighting installation services use high-quality, corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wires, and lamps with our outdoor lighting designs. Instead of dulling or rusting over time, our solid copper and brass fixtures will take on a rich glaze that blends into your landscape.

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Save More with Low-Voltage Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego, our low-voltage installations include multiple voltage transformers that allow your lamps to use 50 to 60% less energy to deliver the perfect amount of energy-efficient illumination. Not to mention, our industry-leading LED technology plays a major role in boosting your energy efficiency. We use environmentally friendly LED outdoor lighting technology that guarantees energy savings and longevity. We are so confident in our equipment’s performance and durability that we offer unmatched warranty coverage. Rest assured, all of your energy-efficient light fixtures have a long life expectancy and will consistently illuminate your home and property.

Advantages of LED

• High efficiency- Save up to 80% in electricity
• Longer bulb life- Light fixtures with a long life-expectancy offer better illumination, plus you can control the light’s direction with our fixtures.
• Added durability- Performs well in extreme weather conditions and temperatures
• Non-toxic- Environmentally friendly
• Instant illumination- Cuts on with no flickers or delays
• Warm, pleasing color- Charming colors compared to the bright white/bluish hue of previous LED technology

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Long Lasting Durability

With most outdoor lighting fixtures, once the bulb burns out, the entire feature must be replaced. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego, we use innovative LED light fixtures that can switch out the bulbs once they finally need to be replaced — which isn’t often considering their 50,000-hour life span. Our light fixtures last 12 times longer than competing halogen lights.

Our dedicated LED outdoor lighting specialists are experts in the industry and have the materials and LED technology needed for outstanding outdoor lighting installation. Call us today at 619-240-8600 to learn more about our services or if you are looking to upgrade your current lighting system to LED.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.