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About Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego

It was the Marines that first decided I had mechanical aptitude, when they sent me to Amphibious Assault Vehicle ( AAV ) Mechanics school at Camp Pendleton just a bit north of San Diego- when I also fell in love with Southern California. It was working on those huge vehicles when I came to appreciate good design, good workmanship, and as a maintenance chief, good management.

After four years in the Marines, I picked up a business degree and ended up in Silicon Valley for the high tech boom and had a variety of fascinating jobs in IT sales and services, mostly in the networking industry with companies like Cisco, Juniper and Aruba/HP – and a lot of that time was spent with data center technology and design where I learned a lot about cabling. When Google, Facebook and Sony start to ask how to put 10,000 or 100,000 servers in a room, there are a lot of cables! That translates well to building world class lighting systems that last for years buried in your yards.

I’ve always been fascinated with lights – I’ve always upgraded lights in my homes and gardens and this got a lot more interesting with LED lights and smart home technology. When I saw the opportunity to make a break with the corporate world and help make beautiful homes even more beautiful with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives I jumped at the chance and I’m proud to represent the largest provider of landscape lights in the country here in San Diego.

When I’m not working, I’m lucky to enjoy time with my wife Valeria and if I’m really lucky my two sons when they are home from college. I also enjoy cycling with the Cylon and Blind Stokers clubs around the area.

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